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Intel Hd Graphics Driver Pentium P6100 Download Google takycult




is your friend ActionParsnip: so install mesa and then xserver? popey: yes nothing about catalyst hmm what about the open source catalyst? !info catalysit Package catalysit does not exist in raring amd hasn't done an open driver for years, so there is no open source one nor has the closed source one for a long long time so if my system hangs I gotta reinstall? is there any other way? my CPU is turbo no. that's what I thought. you have to debug as a general rule switch to a console and use strace and gdb to figure out where it hangs I'd rather use the console I did that ok. so you have gdb working? it doesnt segfault now okay it runs through everything it just hangs there black screen for a little while thats not good i have absolutely no idea what to say to you, sorry. may help to know your video card it is intel hd graphics. but from what I read it doesnt matter may be useful, i'll go look I did what they said here peyam: i dont see much for intel cards in the forums you tried the forum solution? I did the reinstall it hangs at the same point did you see any info in dmesg or syslog in /var/log? (I don't have a machine in front of me so can




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Intel Hd Graphics Driver Pentium P6100 Download Google takycult

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